About Frenchie

The launch of Frenchie in the eighties marked the advent of mini-brief in India. Original in concept & design, Frenchie took the young urban Indian male by fantasy & gave him a taste of international style.

'Saving a damsel in distress', any man’s greatest fantasy; that’s how Frenchie introduced itself to the Indian male. And rest is history! Today, Frenchie wears the crown of being the largest selling brand in its category.

Rebellious by nature the brand has been evolving according to the changing environment and constantly upgrading consumer. In the last 30 years of its service to the pragmatic Indian consumer the brand has never lost its core – that is being fashionably contemporary and relevant.

For the urban Indian male, Frenchie isn’t just a valued possession; it's a symbol of style, daring, innovation. And to keep pace with his changing needs, we continuously experiment with latest technology and bring out new variants, so that he can proudly flaunt the title of ‘The Frenchie Man’.